I thought I am invulnerable…realized I’m not. Health is our treasure.Live it , love it.


Bitten by the Dengue Vampire

Hi Guys! Just want to tell you I’m promoted last Wed from home based to hospital based dengue management. Yes yes yes. God is good.He knocked me off my senses when I realized I’m not invincible. My body aches and headaches are eating me.Right now I’m better though my platelet is still low.On the way to recovery


The Dengue Connection

When Dengue hits you,you will never gonna know. Got it yesterday. Am here at the solitude of my home, resting and preparing my mind and body in this war inside my body.Im winning.


Months ago,my second child invented a word that is interesting and funny.MONKINGKONG – a breed of monkey as big as king kong. Most of us would not like to be called monkeys(of course) but come to think of it…what is to be ashamed. Monkeys have strong family relationships, they protect their children, they socialize with each other and they bond. Its a realization.



5 men and a lady

Life is a kaleidoscope world especially when you are outnumbered by species of the opposite sex. Yes I have 5 men in my life

5 men and a lady

Life is a challenge especially when you are living and outnumbered by species of the opposite sex. Yes I have 5 men in my life.

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